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They Say It’s The Most Corrupted Country, But You will Not Believe Your Eyes What is Happening Now in Haiti

Progress in Haiti

Haiti has had a long and turbulent past, a past that has given the country a bad reputation all over the world and deservedly so. Political turmoil has been present in Haiti’s history for a long time, economic downturn has had a long tenure as well in the country, but despite it all, the Haitian people are still surviving.

As anyone who really know Haiti would tell you, it is a country filled with great opportunities and resources, but opportunities which have never been exploited. But since the earthquake of January 10th 2010, the country has been on a long journey of rebuilding itself, and you will not believe some of the progresses that have been made so far.

Some of the things that I see in the video I could not have imagined are happening right there in Haiti, Some of the things that I see, I did not know existed. I was shocked but at the same time revitalized with great faith that those progresses will not be short-lived but instead will lead to a prosperous future.

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